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They’re on the right track!

In my research, I found About-Face.org. It’s a remarkable organization doing wonderful things for young women. One of their blog posts, however, really got to me not because of the model, but because of what airbrushers did to her. Read the full story here.

Gabourey Sibide gets the Photoshop Treatment in a big way

I can’t stress enough that this blog is not about the SIZE of women that the media uses in their photos, but the horrible manipulation that they use on these women. It doesn’t matter what size a woman is – a 2 or a 24 – she has every right to be beautiful in a natural way, and airbrushing is what eliminates very trace of natural beauty. They haven’t enhanced Gabourey’s skin in this photo, they’ve changed the color of it. They are misrepresenting what is real about her, and that is why airbrushing needs to be disclaimed.

Mr. Vladeck, I’d love for you to take a look at About-Face.org. They’ve got some great insights into what the media are feeding young women. I think with my evidence here and the case they are presenting, you’ll think too that adding disclaimers to airbrushed imagery is a step in the right direction.

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